My Top 10 Spring/Summer Mani Pedi Combo’s!

Well hello there.

I just LOVE nail polish. I have a slight addiction.

But that’s OK right? At least I admitted it.

I love playing around with colour combo’s for my mani pedis, and I never repeat the same combo twice! Why bother when there are so many pretty colours to choose from?

So without further due, here are my favorite combo’s for Spring/Summer.

Beware: Drooling from the mouth may occur after seeing such beautiful colours!

10. The party goer

mani 2

Everyone loves a good glitter polish and what better way to start off the summer night party then by arriving with brighter toes than the disco ball over your head!

9. The date night

mani 3

Pink to make the boys wink, and purple because it looks good, OK?

8. The beach day

mani 1

Nothing beats a mint and white to show off that glistening tan you just got!

7. The ‘Im feeling pretty’ day

mani 4

This is my favorite combo of the season! Gorgeous, girly and dainty, what more do you want?

6. The shopping date

mani 5

The lighter the colour, the heavier the wallet. Well, I like to think so anyway.

5. The tan

mani 6

Maybe your not getting that tan as you quite hoped for? Never fear pale lady, these bright colours will help bring out any tan!

4. The adventure

mani 7

The only sight seeing you’l be doing is down at your nails because you cant take your eyes off those adorable colours!

3. The pool day

mani 8

The only thing brighter than your mani pedi will be the sun, and even at that you will be giving it a good run for it’s money!


2. The drama queen

mani 9

Who wears gold on their toes anyway?

A drama queen, that’s who.

1. The ‘I just wanna have fun’ day

mani 10

Don’t take glitter too seriously, especially when you just want to have fun!

Well that is all I have for now! I hope you got some inspiration from this and please come join me on facebook, twitter and instagram, we can have so much fun!

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