Get The Look – Emma Stone!

Welcome back sista.

Well, I don’t know about you, but my Twitter/Instagram/Facebook was FULL of last nights Met Ball fashionistas, and the best dressed (by a long shot) was the beautiful Emma Stone for me.

Just gorgeous!

If you haven’t seen the masterpiece of an outfit, here ya go.

met ball

Again, just gorgeous!

She got it all right, down to the make up. Just perfection in my eyes. Not too much make up, not too much accessories, just perfect! I have seen some nasty comments about Emma’s choice in outfit, saying it was too casual for the Met Ball, but in my opinion, it is flawless and if Emma wants to wear it to the Met Ball, Emma can wear it!

And you know what the best part about all of this is?

I have found an almost exact (minus the designer label price) look for us ladies at home looking to replicate this beautiful outfit!

Just a word of warning here, almost the whole outfit is from, I’m not like affiliated with them or anything (gosh I wish) I just really really like their stuff, and they have a HUGE selection and in almost every colour, so I couldn’t help myself!

*Quick disclaimer: I do not condone copying at all, I think everyone should be unique and put their own twist on things. This look is for people who are inspired and would like to re create the outfit for themselves!*

The skirt

I decided to start with the best piece. That gorgeous gorgeous skirt. The original was by Thakoon, and was most likely $1000 and up! I found this lovely dupe by for only €15!!

Say whaaaat?

met 1


For an alternative, if side slits and maxi length really isn’t your thing, then I suggest a midi skirt. 50’s style, grease inspired swing skirts are a thing this summer, and again, good ol do a great one!

met 2


The crop top.

Emma’s crop top is oh-so casual, high necked and super flattering! I think I say this in every single one of my posts, but I cannot stress how flattering high neck tops are on smaller chested ladies!

No really.

If you are a small chested lady (like myself) then try a high neck next time you are shopping. It makes all the difference!

This pretty dupe is from (surprise,surprise) and for only €6, I mean, why not!

met 3


As an alternative, if your not really feeling the original, then go for something a little different, but still falls in the same crop top family. I found a stunning little number on, (go on have a guess) It is different yet still so pretty and chic!

met 4


The clutch.

I love that Emma decided to play with metallics in the shoes and clutch. The silver really bounces off the pink and brings out the colours beautifully! The clutch is quite basic and oddly enough, very hard to find! So I have settled on a cute little one I came across in Zara the other day, which I think is just fab!

This one is a little on the pricier side. But, I saw it in store and it is amazing quality and comes with a strap to convert into a shoulder bag! Really worth the money if you are going to wear it a lot!

met 5



As for an alternative, I really couldn’t just settle on one. Almost any clutch would do, the box style clutches are of course all in at the moment, but any style would look just as nice!

The shoes.

Emma’s heels are a basic silver sandal. Pretty much in every shop now, but again, do a nice pair for a pretty decent price!

met 6


Again, like the clutch, there are so many different types of alternatives here. Any strappy sandal works or even flat sandals, whatever makes you happy honey, you work it!

Alternative colours.

So, I think a major part of what makes Emma’s outfit so great, is her colouring. Pink is gorgeous on her light skin tone and auburn hair, and obviously we are not all made that way, so here are some colour schemes to match other skin tones and hair colours.

Black & White : a classic for all types

Light & Dark Blue : stunning on blondes and light skins

Light & Dark Greens : gorgeous on brunettes and olive skins

Yellow & Orange/Coral : beautiful on darker skin tones and black hair

Green & Blue : colour block colours great on blondes and lighter tones

Red & Pink : fab for darker tones and dark hair

I hope I have helped! If you find this outfit as gorgeous as I do, please let me know in the comments below! 

Psst: Click below and on the pictures to take you to the sites!

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Smashbox Full Exposure – Review!

Hi there.

Smashbox Full Exposure eye shadow palette meet the ladies, 

ladies meet the Smashbox Full Exposure eye shadow palette.

Because you are about to meet your next new BFF!

From make up fanatics, to make up I-only-wear-it-when-required girls, you will want to see this.

No really, you will.

The Smashbox palette comes with a mini mascara (which I will talk about later), the palette and a double ended brush (which I will also talk about later)

Oh, and a pretty decent mirror too, which is always good.

The palette.

The palette has a neutral turned nigh time feel about it. It consists of 7 shimmers and 7 mattes all from dark chocolate brown, to a light ebony right up to dark charcoal black.

The palette seems to me to be divided into warm tones and cool tones, which is great for mixing and matching or if you want to stick to the one colour group, and it is also great for beginners to stay to the one colour group if they are unsure how to match shades just yet.

Straight down the middle of the palette you have two neutrals, the Switzerland of the group if you will. These are just two basic nude colours for a base or blending, etc etc.

The left side are the warms. The Sahara desert and Africa if we are sticking to the country references.

This consists of 3 mattes and 3 shimmers. All beautiful. Well pigmented and blend like butter on warm toast.

Gosh I am sorry in advance about all the weird references, I’m feeling a little poetic today.

The right side are the cools. The Antarctica and north pole if you are following me.

Again as with the warms, all beautiful, well pigments and of course blend like never before.


20140403_103746           20140403_103753

20140403_103806    20140403_103802

The brush.

Well, this is where Smashbox got it all right. This brush is A-MAY-ZING!

Like no joke.

One end is for the mattes, and the other is for the shimmers. The bristles are very tough yet flexible and easy to work with and super good quality. I already cleaned it twice (and in need of a third I’d say) and they are still perfect. The brush is a good length, not too small and a nice weight.

These may seem like silly things to be pointing out, but to some people, a good brush is all the difference!

20140403_103853 20140403_103930 20140403_103939

The mascara.

This mascara is the only, tiny, minor let down. In fact, it’s not even a let down really because its not bad at all, it is just, you know,


Just like OK, or fine. I wasn’t expecting a mascara (I don’t know how I missed it on the website?) so it was a nice bonus to say the least.

It isn’t bad but it didn’t blow me away either. You know, those kind of mascaras that are handy for throwing on when you don’t have time to do 4 coats and curl. It’s a good size for your purse too, I keep it in my car for those ‘I wasn’t expecting to see you!’ moments.

20140403_103041 20140403_103047 20140403_103145

And last but not least, the swatches.

The moment you have all been waiting for. Now before you go all, ‘Where are the lighter colours?’ they’re there. I just have pale skin right now OK? Don’t remind me about it. 😦



I got my palette from Sephora online for $49.


Lots of variety

Cool and warm tones

Blend well

Good pigmentation

Comes with brush and mirror

I have no cons only that it is a bit big for your purse or bag, but we will get over that much!

Other than that, overall it is a great palette, awesome place to start if you are getting into make up and if you are looking to expand your collection.

10/10 from me!

Thank for reading and I hope I have helped in some way or other! Please leave a comment belox if you have any questions or if you want to become Facebook, Twitter or Insta friends, click below! 🙂

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One Statement Necklace, 5 Ways To Wear!


Statement necklaces are exactly what they say on the tin, they make a statement.


But  making a statement in the right way is crucial. It can be hard to find a good balance between the right necklace and outfit. Too bright and you attract attention and too muted it just looks like part of the top.

But never fear! 

I have conducted 5 outfits that can pull off any statement necklace beautifully, so hopefully you can get some inspiration from this and use it when styling your own statement pieces!

*Just to clarify, all of these ideas are from me and me only, no copying was done, that’s bold*

Look #1

Lunch date with the girls


I love this look! Well, I love all of them, but this one is my favourite as it is so casual, yet chic. The white blazer and grey tee will really pop and compliment the bright colours of the necklace, while the black jeans and accessories will mute and bring together the whole outfit. Can also be worn with some killer heels to dress it up!

Look #2

Shopping day.


Statement necklaces can be worn both casual and dressy, and to be honest, I kind of prefer them on a casual outfit! Distressed jeans are all in this season and paired with a crop sweater is fun and casual, and why not add a pop of colour in the shoes just for fun?

Look #3

Dinner date with the family


I love love love statement necklaces with high neck tops! They are super flattering and very classy. I paired a fun skater skirt with a grey high neck bodysuit to bring out the colours of the necklace. With a bright coloured one you should keep the outfit quite muted so it really sticks out like a sore thumb! I also added a small shoulder bag and cute heel booties just to make it youthful and fun, perfect for a dinner with the fam!

Look #4

Day in the office


If you work in a dull, fashion-less office, then why not spice things up with some bright jewels! The brighter the better when it comes to an all dark outfit, and the high neckline will look fab under the statement piece!

Look #5

Casual Fridays


Whether it be sight-seeing, shopping or just running errands, tuck that shirt in, hike up those jeans and rock a gorgeous hat for an effortless but really-you-put-in-a lot-of-effort look! I love the striped d’Orsay flats for a nautical and chilled look, but again, could be easily substituted for some heels, or even some booties!

The necklace.


The beautiful star of the show is from and retails for $45. Plenty of good, colourful statement necklaces can be bought pretty much in any store now, but if this one tickles your fancy, then just click on the picture!

I hope you enjoyed! Please leave a comment I love to hear feedback and positive criticism!

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If You Are Going To Splash Out…

Let it be this.

I worked in River Island for a small while last year, and the bags and purses have always captivated me. They make the most fashion forward and best quality bags AND they are always so unique which is what I love most about them!

So this season, they have launched the embellished clutch, and let me warn you ladies, this is no ordinary clutch.


It may look amazing here, but it looks even better in person! I saw it in store and believe me, that neon yellow is even more beautiful!

The clutch turned shoulder bag, retails for €45. A little bit steep but well worth the splurge if you are in need of a quality staple piece.

And guess what?


That’s not all they have!

Check out this cream embellished clutch.


And this one.


Oh, and this one too.


These clutches can all be turned into shoulder bags too, which is twice as nice! They are great for spicing up a little black dress or adding colour to a neutral outfit.

I will be picking up the neon yellow one out of my next pay check for sure!

Psst, click on the pictures to take you to the River Island site!

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My Top 5 Travel Bucketlist!

Well hello there.

My heart just craves to travel. I want to see everything, experience new cultures and just ease my mind. I want to go everywhere!

But I do have a few extra special places in mind which have compiled a nice little bucketlist.

Who doesn’t love bucketlists?

If you don’t, then sorry I’m not sorry.


Well seeing as that I am actually from there, I have been there obviously, but when you are younger you never get to actually experience the real deal. But last summer I got to spend the summer in my home town and I got to appreciate every inch of the amazing place!

sf2 sf1 SAM_0406

Mallorca, Spain

I am about to cross this one off my bucketlist very very soon! I am so excited to visit the gorgeous island of Mallorca. We are staying in an authentic Spanish village with little to no party goers so we can really see the unspoilt beauty of the island. I can’t wait to see some sun and experience some great sights!

mal malll mall

Santorini, Greece

I want to visit the whole country of Greece, but part of me is particularly drawn to Santorini! The white washed buildings and royal blue never ending horizon just captivates me!

san sannn sann

Amalfi Coast, Italy

If you ever need your breath taken away, just go ride a roller-coaster.

Just kidding.

But in all seriousness, go to the Amalfi coast in Italy. I haven’t been there (yet) but from what I see I am already blown away!

ama amaaa amam

Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is an incredibly unique and beautiful place, but Phuket really intrigues me just that little bit more. So romantic and exotic! I am excited for when I finally make it there!

phu phuuu phuu

Now of course there are SO many more places I would love to see, but these are just really special to me so I hope you enjoyed seeing them!

Let me know in a comment where you want to go, maybe it will be a place I never thought about!

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My Top 5 Spring/Summer Trends 2014


So instead of having a long welcoming first post, I decided to jump right into it and what better way to kick it off than with some Spring/Summer trends! So lets get right into it, eh?

Number 5.

Cut-outs. Like come on, how freaking cute are these? Dresses are coming with all sorts of cuts outs this season, and the daintier and more unique, the better!

Just don’t stay out in the sun too long with these bad boys, crazy tan lines alert!

6f5d2ea5a18a56a73f157317aa76536a 993aebeab39e478dcb86363512ac8d16 f63732b10f2bd11083ff1a845c895e79

Neumero 4.

Pastels are a BIG trend this S/S. They always make an appearance every year, but this year the emphasis is on baby pinks and purples. So pretty & girly!

413d66c7a307fd2f76c4fe330edd07e9 a623125f6019b231bce55d20d7570864 fb093cc97d9688ad5fab2214fc4fe5bd

Number 3!

I love a good messy hairdo. Knots, plaits and lots of teasing are all in this season. Embrace your inner frizzy queen!

8bd8ba9bc9f53116b5a35e60bceef5a4 83d87b126a8b07c3a02c6a71b438cdd3 9776d396e11760944c03f1b35c14587c

Number 2.

Crop tops are the! I love showing a bit of flesh, it’s modest yet girly and chic. These are oh so flattering and even more cute!

4a5f639f9d22bad46225c7813e2d3def 97633e8dc082f3c1c84a675eaab47177 7195407e46fe2c11f366df68a3da332a

My ultimate SS fav, number 1!

Winter is long gone and it has taken the dark colours with it! I am weak for bright coloured dresses, and they are all over the shops like it’s nobodies business! Neons and colour blocking work great with my fair/medium skin tone, which is why I am in love!

5cdfb27870ca6830d55a469b561f3600 ce70b833a006e80642044fbbe53fa514 e18c7b94607857c2d28bff383a94edae

So that is it for my top 5 Spring Summer trends for 2014! Hope you enjoyed and thanks for poping by!