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Learning How To ‘Ditch The Monkey’

Welcome back, Princess face.

So if you live in Ireland, you might have seen the new ‘Ditch The Monkey’ campaign for mental health awareness. Personally I think it is a great idea and I struggle with ‘The Monkey’ every single day too, as well as probably 100% of women in Ireland and world wide.

What is ‘The Monkey?’

You know that voice in your head that tells you stuff like,

‘He will never like you’

‘You are never going to be good enough’

‘What if he didn’t even mean to look at me? What if that was for the girl behind me?’

‘I look huge in these jeans’

That, my love, is the monkey.


We ALL have a monkey sitting on our shoulder telling us things we don’t need to hear, and the scary thing is,

we are the one controlling the monkey.

That ‘Monkey’ can do serious serious damage to us. If we let it get out of control it can spiral into a disaster leaving us un-confident, scared and feeling useless.

So in spirit of the ‘Ditch The Monkey’ campaign, I am going to contribute, and share my ways I like to ditch that stinky monkey and enjoy my life the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

*Links to the ‘Ditch the Monkey’ campaign Youtube videos will be down below, give them a watch and you will be amazed!*

#1. Trust your instincts


All women have extra strong instincts. I don’t know what it is or why it is, but we always know when things are up, or when things are about to go wrong. But why don’t we channel them and know when things are right, certain and good for us?

For example:

If you are walking towards a cute boy, and the first thing you do is light up and smile, but your ‘Monkey’ tells you to stop you are not good enough and you look down and walk past without a notice, well you just gave in to your own instincts. Your own body told you to smile and interact with this male and your own mind told you not to.

Let your body take control every now and then. Your brain knows what is good for you before you even realise it, and through hormones and chemicals, your body will react accordingly, but when you allow your ‘Monkey’ to talk over it, you are denying your body and suppressing it, and in time your body wont even make an attempt to make you happy.

Same way when you touch something hot, your body pulls back your hand before you even know it was hot in the first place, and you certainly don’t let your ‘Monkey’ tell you otherwise then.

Trust yourself, and allow your body to take control. It may take some time and you may not like it, but with practice, it will come.

#2. Learn to accept nothing less than happiness


This one is something I am currently struggling with. The key to being happy and mentally healthy is denying the negativity in your life. Learn to turn away from that toxic friend you have, or that work colleague that takes advantage of you.  When the news is on and a murder storey comes on, turn it off. If someone tells you you are wrong, prove them right.

This is YOUR life, nobody else’s, and do you think they are going to care if you spent your life being trampled on and surrounded by negativity?

Of course they won’t.

The only person who will care, when you are 80 and have lived your life, will be you.

So remember that when you are telling that annoying  ‘friend’ that takes advantage of you, to take a hike, or when you are being told that you can’t do this or do that.

If you take the negativity out of your life one by one, the happiness will come in by the dozens, trust me, I know because I am doing it right now.

#3. Just do it.


Nervous about quitting your job for a career nobody though you could do?

Want to start up a new hobby?

Want to wear that neon orange dress that your friends said was ‘hideous’?

Just do it anyway.

Nobody is being dragged behind by your insecurities. Nobody else is suffering because you can’t do what you love.

Only you are.

So when you are presented with a massive opportunity, DO NOT even give the ‘Monkey’ a second to think, just do it! Learn to embrace new beginnings, opportunities and uncertainty.

Start off small and learn to move up and onto bigger things.

Start off by buying those heels your mother told you you would never wear.

Apply for that job you didn’t think you were good enough for.

Go see that movie alone because nobody else wants to see it.

In time and with consistent practice, you will learn to love your own decisions and become more confident in who you are.

#4. Learn to accept compliments, and take the hurt.


Some people are mean, some are nice and some are deceiving. That is just the way the world works now, and there is nothing we can do about it.

We need to learn to adapt and work with what we got. When someone compliments you, don’t shy away and play it down, accept it thank them. You can be damn sure that ‘Monkey’ will be there telling you,

‘They’re only saying that so I will do that work for them’

‘They’re fake anyway’

Do not let the monkey take control of your compliment. The person was nice enough and brave enough to say, appreciate that much and be happy that they appreciate you.

When someone gives you not-so-nice criticism, take it on the chin, pick yourself up, and move on. Insults and bad criticism can really damage us, and knock us down a few pegs, so allow yourself to take it in for a minute, then scrumple (is that even a word?) it up and throw it in the bin.


And when you feel that little monkey agreeing with them, you shut it up and tell it that it’s wrong!

So if you are struggling with ‘Ditching the Monkey’ just know you are really not alone. This topic is close to my heart because I lost a family member to depression, and no doubt he had a Monkey too. So keep this trend going, share, tweet and blog about it, because it is about time we stood up to mental health!

Ditch the Monkey videos:

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