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Creating A Healthy Relationship With The Gym!

Hey hey, good lookin’

The gym. Some of us love it, some of us try to love it, and the majority of us?

Hate it.

I personally, hated the gym when I first started working out. I hated that I didn’t know what I was doing, the sweat, the effort of going in and showering after, but mostly I hated the men in there.

I felt pressured to look like I knew what I was doing, to be faster on the treadmill, lift more weights, look better. But I now feel so stupid thinking back. How could I let myself think like that? Ugh!

I found a beautiful relationship with the gym over a year or two. It’s still not perfect. I do have off days, but the majority of the time I’m in there I do enjoy it.

I know from just talking to my friends and work collegues, how intimidating the gym is. I got lucky and did 2 years in college of a health and fitness related course, so I wasn’t totally lost.

But for you ladies who are in need of some help, keep on reading!

#1 Set (realistic) goals.


OK, this one is the toughest for me, because I struggled with it too, and I see my friends every day struggle with it aswell.

A silly goal is, I want to look like Adriana Lima.

A realistic goal is, I want to lose 2 pounds by next month.

You see the difference? By creating stupid, unattainable goals is setting you up for failure. Nobody can look like Adriana Lima over night, and going into the gym thinking you are going to look like her in a week, is just mad talk.

My advice is to measure yourself. See what you weigh, look at yourself and tell yourself what you want to change, then break it down.

So you want to lose 10 pounds over all?  Start by trying to lose 1 pound a week.

You want to lose 2 inches off your bum? Try to lose a few cm a week or fortnight.

You want to run a 5k? Start by walking a 5k.

Everything you want is attainable. Just be patient and work it out reasonably.

#2 Get help!


If you have no clue how the weight section works, or even looks like, then ask for help.

DO NOT, and I repeat, do no, venture into a section of the gym you are unaware of!

Doing so is asking for an injury, never mind the humiliation of breaking equipment. Gyms are full of gym junkies just waiting to tell you all they know. So ask one. If you are uncomfortable asking a guy, and if there is no female workers that day, maybe approach a fellow lady gym goer.

Do not have fear in asking for help, because it will be your biggest asset when you do!

#3 Do not be afraid of the men.


I am speaking to the 99.9% of the female gym population that are intimidated by the hormone fuelled, sweating, grunting men around the gym. I still struggle to this day with my self – esteem around the guys.

I’ll let you in on a little secret though.

Half the men in there don’t even know what they are doing either!

Men are egotistical, and hate asking for help. I’m not being stereotypical here either, I know this because I worked in a gym for 2 1/2 years! I would see guys just asking for an injury or running the risk of injuring another person because they didn’t have a clue what they were doing.

And do you think they ever asked for help? 


So just own it when you are in the gym around the guys. Just put in your earphones and do your own thing.

I’l let you in on another secret too.

Guy’s love a girl who knows what she’s doing in the gym.

Don’t believe me? Just go ask any guy friend. You will be amazed my love.

#4 Get a routine and stick to it.


If you have a set schedule every week, sit down some night and work the gym around it.

If you have a less than set schedule (like me) then sit down every Sunday night and fit in the gym when you can.

For example my workout schedule is:

Gym 3 times a week

Swim 1 day

Run 1 day

Rest 2 days

And every Sunday I just stick in those days whenever I can. If you have a set routine, it is a lot harder to break. Same goes for the actual workout itself. Get a trainer or find one on line (a legit source) and make out a workout programme. Bring it with you to every session and stick by it. Not only does time go by faster when you are ticking it off bit by bit, but it also gives you structure, keeping your head clear and focused.

#5 Get a gym buddy!


This one has helped me a lot! I hate working out alone now, even if I’m on the other end of the gym to my buddy, just knowing they are there is a big boost! If none of your friends like the gym, just ask them if they would like to try. None of my friends liked the gym when I started, and now they come in with me all the time because I just asked them to come one day!

Doing exercise classes is a big help too. You are not alone and it helps to know that other people are in your position too.

You can even make it into a weekly catch up thing! Go and grab a coffee after or go for a little shop!

So that is all I have for today ladies! I hope I do help and if you need any advice or have any questions please leave a comment below I would love to help!

Thanks for reading! x

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Shopping Haul!

Good morning/afternoon/evening

(read accordingly)

Who doesn’t love a good shopping haul?

Weirdo’s, that’s who.

So I went on a little shopping spree yesterday to my nearby city to start picking up stuff for my summer holidays in June! I am so excited!

Anyway, enough excitement for now, I went to soooo many stores but only bought in two. (Depressing or what?)

I guess the shops are still in pre-summer mode, so stock is limited, but I am very happy with what I got so far!

Let’s just get into it already.


First up is this bikini.


haul qI am in LOVE with this bikini. I saw it a while back online and I am always just too lazy to go up and get my credit card to buy it so I put it off and I found it in store!

It is a gorgeous heather grey colour, the top is push up halter and so flattering for smaller busted ladies like myself! The tops run in bra sizes which is GREAT as I always find sizes that run small – large never fit me!

The bottoms are just general hipsters depending on the size you get. The material is very stretchy so I got a size 6 as I like my bottoms to be quite smaller on the bum side.

I like a tanned bum ok, don’t judge.

TOP: €14.95

BOTTOMS: €9.95

Second are these knuckle rings.

SAM_0961 SAM_0962


I have been looking for the perfect bunch of knuckle rings forever! I wanted plain ones with tiny ones for the upper knuckle and medium ones for the middle of the finger, and guess what?

I found them!

I squealed a little bit when I saw them, no really, I did. That is how perfect these are, and they fit my fingers perfectly. Which is a big problem for me. (Chubby fingers alert) They come with about 10 or 12 rings.

RINGS: €4.95


If you are from anywhere outside of the UK or Ireland then you won’t be familiar with Primark. It is very very similar to Forever 21, cheap prices and a range of everything from underwear to hair supplies.

Let’s just say every single woman in the UK and Ireland have Primark in their closet.

This is quite a long haul so bare with me here!

First, these bikinis.

So I bought a few different swim pieces here. When they are all so cheap it is so hard not too!

I got this bright fun triangle bikini as it caught my eye the minute I went into the swim section. It is a gorgeous neon blue mixed with pinks and greens.

SAM_0951 SAM_0952

The top is a triangle style but the cups are quite padded which I like. The strings are taught and strong, not weak and flimsy.         (Who wants the threat of flimsy strings being undone?)

The bottoms are skimpy so beware if you don’t try these on. I don’t mind tiny bottoms but some people don’t like the fear of those strings on either side becoming undone so be sure to try them on first if you are one of those!

I also picked up a pair of pink bottoms to mix and match with the top because I don’t always like wearing matching tops and bottoms.

I’m weird that way.


TOP: €4.00 (Yup, you read that right)

BOTTOMS: €3.00 each

So I also bought these bottoms to go with a top that I already have at home, and they are so versatile they can go with any top I buy in the future.

SAM_0956 - Copy

They are a general hipster style, they are not so stretchy so do try them on first otherwise you run the risk of suffocating your buttocks if they are too small, or flashing the nation if they are too big!

I think I would rather suffocate my bum though.

BOTTOMS: €4.00

So last but not least, I go this bikini set.


It is a neon blue bandeau style top that come with optional strings for a halter style, but I will warn you the strings are bad quality and they don’t stay on very long or if you tie them quite tight, so don’t get it you are planning on wearing it halter style!

SAM_0958 SAM_0959

The bottoms came with it and again are a basic hipster style. As the bikini came in a set, I had to buy the same size top and bottom, which really doesn’t suit me as I am smaller on top then on the bottom, so they are kind of tight but nothing I cant stretch out!

SET: €5.00

The sunnies.

I have a weakness for sunglasses, and when they are so cheap, I literally cannot contain myself!

I got 4 pairs, 2 styles in 2 colours.

Because who only wants one colour?


The first are these aviator style sunnies. I adore the lens colour in these! It is  gorgeous orange,coral, pink and they are so flattering on! I hate sunnies that are too small or way to big and these fit the bill for me.


Next are the same style and size except in the mirrored colour. I have been looking for the right size glasses in the mirrored style for so long and here they were, right in front of me!

Just a tip, they are not that strong in terms of actually blocking out the sun (Their actual function) so if you prefer to be blind when wearing sunglasses I wouldn’t recommend these bad boys, but if you choose style over protection like me, then go ahead!

SUNGLASSES: €1.50 each

Next up are these ray-ban club master style. I adore this style and I couldnt help myself when I saw them in two colours!

IMG_20140328_060857 IMG_20140328_060730

They are perfect size and shape and they have good sun blocking power. (is that even a thing?) 

20140328_170810 mmm

I have no critique on these except you will look cool as f*#k!

SUNGLASSES: €3.00 each

The shoes, because everybody loves shoes.

So I picked up 2 pairs of casual shoes for walking around or shopping in as nobody likes to be in flat sandals after 3 hours of shopping and sight seeing!

First I got these BRIGHT coral Vans inspired shoes. I have these in red from last season but the coral is just so pretty! The colour will really pop against a summer tan and look fabulous with a pair of denim shorts and a tee!


They are very comfy and are good quality so don’t be afraid to get them for everyday use. They run true to size too!


I also got these white sailor shoes, or whatever they are called I never really know. I got these to slip on and off while walking from the beach to the hotel as I don’t want to get bits of glass or something in my foot while on the footpath.

Unless you like that sort of stuff or something.

They do run a little small so I got a size up from my usual. They are super comfy and great with a pair of skinny jeans and a sweater for night time too!



The shorts.

Primark didn’t have too much summer clothes but I did spot these beautiful high waisted shorts.


They are in a bright pink with velvet detailing all over them. They are very good quality and fit well but run a little big so go for the smaller option, even though they do look small they are stretchy.


I usually don’t go for bright colours so I am excited to style these around my neutrals and have them as the feature part of my outfit! Perfect for a night on the town with some sandals and a shirt or cami.

SHORTS: Wait for it…… €11.00 !

So that is it for my pre – summer haul this time! I have many more things to get so stay tuned for a part 2 or maybe even 3, or 4 who knows!

Hope you enjoyed! Do ask any questions if you need and come join me on facebook and twitter!


facebook: rosyposyblog