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So Your In Your Twenties. What Now?

Hola amigo.

So you’ve entered the dreaded ‘twenties’. People tell you these are the best years of your life, yet you are still waiting for one good thing to happen.

You are fresh out of college, have a job (that you probably hate), and still have no clue how to work the washing machine.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone my love. I am still in the early twenties phase, which means I am no expert on getting my life together, but I do have some advice to give those who are in need of some guidance. So if you are just after entering a ‘mini life crisis’ then sit down and read on sister!

#1 Just breath.

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The good thing about being in your twenties is that for the majority of us, we don’t have very much responsibility. We don’t have any children to mind, no mortgage to pay off and our health is at its peak.

So take the time to relax and unwind. You do not need to have your life in order right now so don’t sweat it. You are young, enjoy it!

#2 Get in shape – while you still can.

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Ok your body will never be as adaptive to change as it is right now. You are in your babe body element. Your body is just fueling with energy and your metabolism is just waiting to burn fat. Although you may not think it, your body is a machine just waiting to be fine tuned while you are in your twenties.

So get in shape while you still can. Work your ass off because believe me you will regret it when your body is slowing down and not as limber as you would like it be.

#3 Learn to be alone.

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Learn to trust yourself and you will be a very happy woman for the rest of your life. You do not need to rely on others anymore. You don’t need to go to the bathroom in groups of 5, do it alone. Who cares? Don’t spend your time worrying that you might look like a loner, nobody cares and it’s a waste of your valuable brain energy (and god knows we don’t need to waste any more of that).

So go to the beach alone, bring a book or your ipod and chill out. Grab a coffee alone, go to dinner, go to the movies. Being independent and confident is a good thing. So learn how to do it before it’s too late!

#4 Learn how to mind yourself.

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Finally learn how to use the washing machine, learn how to make a (healthy) meal, learn how to change a tyre. These are the things that are going to keep you sane during your twenties. Nobody likes calling for help every 2 seconds, so learn how to take care of things for yourself and you will be much happier.

#5 Get rid of negative people.

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Your twenties will be jam packed with new experiences and moments that you won’t want to forget, do not have them compromised by negative people in your life. Cut them off one by one and keep a small circle of close trustworthy friends. It is much better to have a handful of amazing friends than a lot of negative, untrustworthy ones.

Keep your distance from anyone that looks like trouble, you do not need that in your life and it will make it so much easier!

#6 Travel far.

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We have entered an era where travel is at our finger tips. You can make it half way across the world in less than 24 hours so why not make the most of it? What else will you be spending your money on? Save up every last penny and make your way across the globe one place at a time.

Create memories and experiences that will last a lifetime!

So to top it all off, I know that entering your twenties can be more damaging to you than good. I know what it feels like to be still living at home and hating yourself for not having your life together. Just remember that this is the time where you really become the person who you are meant to be. Enjoy it and relax. Everything always works out in the end, and if you work hard enough, the rewards are priceless.

Thanks for reading! x

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5 Things You MUST Do Before Going On A Sun Holiday!

Welcome back homie.

If you are lucky enough to be going on a holiday this summer, like me (eek!) then this post will probably be of importance to you.

Wether it is a weekend away or a 2 weeks cruise, we all need to be prepared.

Even you, yes you, the one looking dead at the screen.

Because the ultimate goal at the end of a sun holiday is to have a tan right? Well, it may not be the only reason why you are going, but it is a big factor, and if you don’t come home bronzer than those pennies piling up in your wallet, then you feel like you failed.

Well, at least I do anyway.

So for us beauty freaks, I have compiled my top 5 must-do things before I leave for a holiday, you can thank me later when you are home like an exotic jungle queen.

Number 5.

Remove all hairs!

large (4)

All of them. Not one single hair is to be left ya hear?!

Because hairless body parts equal even and glowing tan. I don’t think any sane person would go over with gorilla legs anyway, but I mean, for the free souls out there, just put up with the pain in sacrifice of a gorgeous tan.

Beauty is pain after all.

I recommend waxing/epilating at least 2 – 5 days before leaving. You don’t want those open pores and freshly waxed skin exposed to the sun, your talking serious burn!

For the shavers out there, try shave as close to the leaving date as possible, and keep on it during the stay, don’t let the hairs get too thick before shaving, the key is maintenance my love.

Number 4.

Exfoliate before, during and after.


Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

Exfoliate twice a week for a few weeks before you go. Exfoliate your legs, your arms, your back, your booty, if it can be reached, exfoliate it!

 (the word exfoliate is starting to cound weird now, I think I said it too much, oops) 

Freshly exfoliated skin is new and ready to soak up the sun. You don’t want to be tanning on top of dead, grimey skin. That’s no fun at all.

Keep exfoliating during the holiday to maintain glowing soft skin, and after you get back to keep the tan looking great as long as possible!

Number 3.

Moisturise ALL the time!

large (5)

Just carry moisturiser with you in your purse and top up your arms and chest if you can. I wouldn’t recommend cocking up the leg and moisturising on the subway, but I mean if that’s what your into, then go ahead.

Dry and damaged skin will not take to the sun whatsoever, so it is important to keep topping up whenever you can as your skin will take up the moisturiser in no time, especially if you hav’nt seen the sun in a long time.

Number 2.

Get your mani/pedi swag on!

large (6)

I always advise my friends to get their nails done before going away. It is the first thing you forget, and the first thing you remember when you step off the plane.

“Oh crap! My nails!”


Nobody really wants to be going finding a salon when on holidays, and nobody normal brings nail polish with them so you don’t want to be forking out on unnecessary things either.

Having a fresh mani/pedi while out in the sun can make all the difference. You will be wearing sandals everywhere and nobody likes boring ugly toes dampening your style!

Tip: go for a gel nail too. Strong and chip resistant, crucial if you are going for longer than a weekend!

Number 1.



The number one mood killer when being on the beach is feeling sluggish and bloated. Nobody likes that, at all.

So detox that bod like there is no tomorrow!

Drink green tea, lemon and water or even just plain water, just get it all out of you before you go. Detoxing removes all waste toxins and crap that make you bloated and feel sluggish.

If you are a member of a leisure centre, try using the sauna a few times before you go too, that works just as well!

So I hope this has helped if you are heading away soon, or if you just wanted some general all round advice!

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