What To Wear To A Wedding!

Hello friend.

I love weddings. I love the ceremony, the after party, the food, the catching up with old family members, the food.

Did I mention the food?

All jokes asides, the one thing that I love the most about a wedding, is the dress. I just love dressing up, the preparation before and planning an outfit!

So if you are lucky enough to be attending a wedding in the near future, keep on reading for some seriously cute outfit inspiration!

The black tie wedding.

Black tie attire means exactly what it says on the tin. It’s black suits for the gentlemen and black dresses for the ladies. Short or long it really doesn’t matter, just as long as its black!

Look #1


Stay ever so classy in a short sleeved LBD. I added two types of heels and clutches, the patent stilettos and envelope clutch for the more classic lady, and the strappy heels and the statement clutch for the more edgy lady. I am a minimalist when it comes to fashion, I love the less is more look, and I always believe this when it comes to events. Less is always more, which is why I only added one simple chunky boyfriend watch for a little spice!


wed 2

The good thing about floor length dresses is that you tall ladies can get away with flats all night, (and you don’t have to shave your legs) or you can wear heels too, whatever tickles your fancy! Keep it elegant with simple pieces and neutral make up.

Tip: Keep it ultra glam and elegant by keeping eye make up and lips neutral and put emphasis on sculpting the face, cheekbones and collarbones. Works a charm every time!

The black tie optional wedding.

Black tie optional is again, just as it says. It’s optional. You can wear black if you like, or you can go a little more casual and less elegant if you want.


wed 3

If black isnt exactly your thing, but bright colours really arn’t either, then dark navy is a good option. Plus, it looks great with fair to medium complexions, which means no fake tanning! Yay! Keep accessories light and fun to match the mood of the affair!

The white tie wedding.

The most formal of them all. I really don’t think anyone but the royal family do white tie weddings, but hey, who knows, maybe one day you will be invited to a royal wedding? 😉


wed 4

Floor length dresses are mandatory at a white tie wedding, so keep it classy and chic with a plain, well fitted dress that accents your shape. Keep it simple but make your hair and make up amazing, always look well put together!

The casual beach/resort wedding.

With casual weddings, pretty much anything goes. Maxi dresses, sun dresses, you name it you can wear it!


wed 5

Keep it light and fun at a beach wedding. They are casual and easy going events so that is how your mood should be! Even wear a floppy hat with some soft waves for the ultimate beach babe look!

Well ladies that is all for today’s inspiration. I hope I helped if you are attending a wedding anytime soon, or even just going to an event! Inspiration is all good at the end of the day!

Please leave a comment down below if you have any feedback or questions! Oh, and click below too! 😉

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5 Ways To Wear – Tulle Skirts!

Hola amigo.

Summer is upon us (thank heavens) and what better way to show off those sexy pins than a pretty little tulle skirt?

OK I think there are other ways to show off your pins, but tulle skirts are a good way to start!

For those who arnt familiar with the term ‘Tulle skirts’  they are those gorgeous, girly, poofy skirts that came out with a bang when Jessica Alba wore one in the cutest way ever.

Here see.


My favorite version of the tulle skirt is the above the knee length, and perfect for this summer too! So, enough blabbering already, lets get into it!

#1 The classic ‘Dinner date’ look


The black crop sweater and baby pink tulle skirt is the kind of classic look Jessica Alba made cool. I love the colour combos, black to make it edgy and nigh time  appropriate, and pretty pink to make it girl and fun. I added am edgy black clutch and some feminine nude heels to complete the look!

#2 The ‘Shopping and ice-cream’ look

tulle 2

I just love pastels this summer, and I can’t get enough plain white tees! These cute boxy style tee’s are everywhere lately, and so flattering on smaller chested ladies. I added some cute heels just to spice up the outfit a little and a cute pastel green clutch turned shoulder bag to pull it all together!

#3 The ‘Late night’ look

tulle 3

This is similar to the first outfit but a little more on the edgy side. Tulle skirts are adorable for nights out with the girls, pair it with a leather jacket and you are good to go!

#4 The ‘Lunch date’ look

tulle 4

I just adore this look! So girly and fun! I added a pop of colour in the heels and a gorgeous sun hat to compliment the floral crop top. Perfect!

#5 The ‘I love to shop’ look

tulle 5

Tulle skirts are a great way to tone down a more edgy look. If you love the whole burnt out tee and messy hair look, but you also like being girly and feminine, this is the perfect look for you! Add a floral clutch and some ballerina flats to compliment the look, and some sunnies just because you can!

So that’s it for my take on tulle skirts this time! I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration from here. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or feedback! 

Oh, and also be sure to click below for some fun!

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One Carry On – 10 Outfits!

Hola amigo.

So the summer is coming up. Which means some of us may be fortunate enough to be going on a holiday somewhere, which also means that we have to pack.

And we all know that everyone hates packing.

Nobody wants to spend more money on extra baggage and if you are like me, you will try and squeeze everything into your carry on suitcase, which is all good if you are not an over packer.

But I am.

I over pack way too much! So, I have come up with a little inspiration to help you fellow over-packers too. ❤

The carry on.


One suitcase.

8 items.

1 bikini.

2 sandals.

1 bag and 2 pieces of jewellery.

All you need for a 10 day holiday in the sun. 🙂

The outfits.

out 4 out 5

out 7 out 3

out 2 out 1

out 0 out 10

out 11

So there you go! It’s that simple to pack a holiday into a carry on suitcase! Just pick items that mix and match well and presto, you are a packing genius!

I hope you got some inspiration from this, please let me know in the comments below if you have any feedback or questions!

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5 Ways To Wear – White Chucks This Summer!

Hi there friend.

So as the sun is currently beaming in on top of me as I type this, I am feeling very summery, and what better way to kick off the summer than with some fashion inspiration?

Now that’s my idea of fun.

The title says it all really, no need for an explanation here. So without further a due, here are my top 5 ways to wear your white chucks this summer!

#1 Fun in the sun


I just love denim cut off shorts in the summer. They go with – literally – everything. But in the spirit of the ‘crop top’ phase, I have paired some cute denims with a gorgeous pretty crop top. This dainty look is all in  and they are not hard to find, I threw in a leather satchel to make the look more fun and topped it all off with some retro cat eye sunnies.


#2 Starbucks with the gals


Chucks are perfect for a lazy, casual outfit and distressed jeans are all in this season like it’s nobodies business! Wear a plaid shirt open for a comfy look. I put in a gold watch to add variety, a large shoulder bag for an added boho feel and some big ass sunnies, because who doesn’t love big black sunnies?

#3 Summer BBQ


Simple, classic and comfortable. You would be surprised how cute chucks look with a summer dress. Add a large sun hat and work some flowy wavy hair for a natural ‘I woke up like this’ look.

#4 Beach babe for life


If your hitting the beach this summer, be sure to pack plenty of colour! Chucks are great for neutralizing a crazy coloured outfit, which is why I paired this neon coral skater skirt with a pretty striped crop top. Throw your fav bikini on underneath and grab your beach bag and your ready to go!

#5 Road trip anyone?


Simple outfits are a big trend this year. Basic colours paired with brighter, more extravagant pieces are eye catching and on trend! Pair high waisted jeans with a simple crop top and your chucks with bright sunnies and a pastel satchel.


So that is all I have this time! Please be sure to leave a comment below or email if you have any queries! 

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How To – At Home Facial

Welcome back, homie.

Everyone likes to save money and DIY in the comfort of your own home, right?

Well, some do anyway.

One of the things I love doing is giving myself a salon-worthy facial at home once a week. I work in a spa myself, and I often do these facials called ‘Taster facials’ they are so basic, no fancy products, no serums and lotions, just cleanse, tone, exfoliate and mask. And the results are amazing!

All of my clients come out glowing and fresh after one of these facials, and I wondered how they look so good after just a simple cleanse and mask and I don’t look that good and I do it twice a week!

But then I had a light bulb moment.

The trick is in the time and energy, not always the products. Although good products do help a lot, as long as they work for you and your needs, they are perfect!

*Quick disclaimer: All ideas and tips are 100% my own. I do not and will never copy or take content from another site or person. Just sayin’*

What you will need.

#1 Cleanser




#Cotton wool pads

#Face cloths/mitts

#Hot water

#Your hands and face!

Your products don’t need to be fancy and all in the same skin type category, but if you have the luxury of picking and choosing your products, then keeping them in the same skin type family is better!


Grab all your stuff, put them on your night stand or wherever you are, fill a bowl of warm water and put your mitts in, put on a hair band, throw on some chill music, grab a book or a magazine and get ready to be pampered!

#1 First cleanse


With any good facial, the skin needs to be clean to start. So, get your cleanser and put some into your hand. Rub the cleanser between your hands to get it all over and massage into the skin. I highlighted the word massage because this part is important. Using your fingertips, massage the cleanser all over your face, remembering your neck and in under your ears. Do this until the cleanser is almost all absorbed into the skin.

Then, get 2 cotton pads and wet them in warm water. Squeeze off the excess and start to wipe off the cleanser starting from the forehead down into the neck. Use more than 2 if you had make up on or if your face is particularly dirty. Make sure to take your time on this one and really get rid of all of the cleanser.

#2 Second cleanse

Just repeat step 1 again to remove all the left over dirt and grime!

#3 Tone


Grab your toner and cotton pads and tone from forehead to neck. Let it dry in for about 10 seconds before moving onto the next step!



Ok this is where the magic happens.

No really, it does.

Grab your exfoliator and put some in your hands. Again, like the cleanser, mix it in your palms and apply to your face. This takes time so don’t go rushing into it. Focus and massage the exfoliator into your whole face, dont be too harsh so keep a gentle touch on the more sensitive areas like under the eyes. Go down your neck too, and keep massaging until the beads have been absorbed and broken down.

Ok, next grab two mitts or cloths, squeeze them out and press them to your cheeks, wiping the exfoliator off gently from the bottom to top. Make sure to get all of the product off before moving on!

#Tone, again.

You need to restore your skins PH balance after the exfoliate so tone as normal with two cotton pads!



Apply a thin layer of your mask to your face and neck. I say thin because anything more is just wasting product. Your skin only absorbs what is on the skin so don’t waste any product sitting on top of the first layer!

Allow this to sit for about 5 – 10 minutes or however long the directions tell you. Grab your magazine or book and get chilling!

After that is done, grab clean cloths again and wipe it from your face, making sure it is all gone.

#Tone, once more.

You know the drill.



Top it all off and seal in all that goodness with  a moisturiser, and viola! Gorgeous glowing clean skin!

Quick tip: do this the day before or morning of a big event to really make your make up last all night and apply perfectly!

So there it is! It really is that simple! Having glowing skin isn’t always about the lotions and potions, it is sometimes just in good application and patience! So I hope you have enjoyed and let me know in the comments if you have any questions at all!

PS. Also click below for some fun 😉

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Fitness & Health, Life

Getting Your Head In The Game – Weight Loss


Getting your desired body shape is something we all think about, but not all of us act on it.

It is hard, there is no denying that, but impossible?

Hell to the no, sister.

As soon as someone finds out that I have a personal training background, they want to ask me every question under the sun.

‘Should I eat carbs after 7pm?’

‘How do I use weights?’

‘Will protein make me big?’

Some of the questions make me want to laugh because they are so stupid. But who am I to judge? I was there before too. I didn’t know a carb from a protein to save my life, (and if you don’t know either, don’t sweat it) and I was so afraid of using the weight’s, I couldn’t bare to ask for help, even though I knew they are good for you.

So I am here to give you a few pointers and tips on getting your head in the game for getting that body you always wanted. It is easy to go workout but it is hard to be prepared and mentally ready.

Numero one.

Always ask for help. Always.


Are you a member of a gym? Have an older brother/boyfriend/gym enthusiast friend? Ask them whatever you need to. Just get help because knowledge is the key to being successful when working out.

I drove my boyfriend nuts before I gained experience. I am naturally curious and I always need to know the way things work. It wasn’t enough for him to tell me to go use the weights because they are good for me, I need to know how and why they are good for me. As soon as I understood the logic and physical reasons behind the weights I was hooked.

It’s that simple. 

The less you know the less you are willing to try. If you don’t know why you are told to drink 8 glasses of water a day, you won’t stick to it too long because you don’t have the benefits motivating to keep you going.

Numero two.

If your not 100% don’t waste your time or anyone else’s.


The journey of weight loss or toning up is not a walk in the park, it’s a marathon. You can’t walk into the gym or go for a run twice a week and expect to see results in a week.

Results come with hard work and hard work means dedication.

Don’t go asking for help from a friend or gym instructor if you are going to throw it back in their face. You don’t just decide to change your life,

you commit.

Changing your body is changing your life, end of.

Numero three.

80% Diet 20% Exercise


This is the hardest thing to get through to people, and it was the hardest part for me to accept myself. You cannot out-train a bad diet, the same way you can’t eat well and sit on your bum and expect your body to be amazing.

The two work hand in hand, but diet is the leader.

You need to perfect your diet before you even think of stepping foot in a gym or outside to work out. If you are serious, I would suggest investing in a tailored personal diet from a trainer. These work best and are 100% guaranteed to work if you stick to it right.

Work on perfecting your diet and eating clean first, then slowly introduce the gym. It is a fool-proof method that works great.

Numero four.

Don’t be afraid to commit.

large (2)

I know this is a big issue with women in particular. We ladies see ourselves as ‘manly’ or ‘unfeminine’ if we commit to the gym 5 days a week. I know because I fought with it myself. It is very easy to fall in love with working out but you have to let yourself first.

I would suggest becoming comfortable with your gym first. Go in on a quiet day and get to know the machines and equipment. If you don’t know yourself, get a tour, trainers in the gym love to show people around and ask them as much as you want, they don’t mind at all!

When you are comfortable in there just do your thing. Put in your headphones and do what you need to do. Don’t look at other people and certainly don’t feel insecure. Don’t be afraid to talk about your new found love to your friends, they wont see you as manly they will envy you. Believe me, I had this issue with my own friends, and you know what? They have followed me and are now new found gym lovers too!

Numero five.

Invest in a proper work-out.

large (3)

Your work-out is your key to your new home. When you go into the gym you need to know what you are doing and how to do it. Don’t take some silly workout you found on pinterest and think it will get you instant results.

Not saying all workouts on pinterest are crap, but the majority are. Just saying.

When you have a regular workout that changes and improves with you every week then your journey feels so much easier. The hour you spend in there will fly by and you will feel accomplished. It always works, without fail.

Numero six.

Once you have committed, it is your responsibility.

Michelle Hayden Shooting A TV Commercial In Beverly Hills

You have to tell yourself when it is getting a bit tough, that this is your life, nobody else’s.

Do you think anyone else cares if you stay overweight or out of shape for the rest of your life?

Of course they don’t.

This is your body, your life and your responsibility. If you decide to pack it in half way through, then that is your issue, don’t blame anyone else, and when you succeed and come out looking amazing, it was you who did it, nobody else.

So I hope if you are looking to embark on a life changing journey (that sounds deep) then I hope I helped! Please leave a comment or email me if you have any questions. I have gone through this myself so I would be more than happy to offer advice to you if you need it!

Also, click below for some fun!

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Get The Look – Taylor Swift At The Annual Country Music Awards!

Hey there!

If you have been away from the internet the last 24 hours, then you may have missed this magic fashion moment.

This one.


It’s Taylor Swift, duh, and she has knocked it so far out of the park it is never coming back.

In my eyes she has just perfected perfection, if that even makes sense? Whoever put together this look was a genius. Maybe it was Taylor herself that did it, but I doubt it somehow. The outfit falls together too nicely, too beautifully and the subtle co-ordination of the shoes and accessories is just flawless.

And let’s not even start on the hair and make up.

So, as any fashion enthusiast would do, they want to replicate it, or just take pieces as an inspiration, which is exactly what I am doing today!

#1 Let’s start with the skirt.

Taylor has played her cards right with this skirt. She has legs to die for, but also class and respect for her body. This skirt allowed her to show some skin, but in a ever so tasteful way.

But where can we get one?

Forever 21

f21 8.80d


Good ol’ F21 do a great basic maxi skirt for less than 10 bucks! The slit isn’t quite as high as Taylor’s, which is good if you don’t like that whole ‘Shaving all the way to the top of the leg’ idea.



For my European ladies, have a great selection of basic maxi skirts, but I chose this one for a little added flavour. The runched side pulls in the waist, giving a slimmer appearance. The slit is quite high in this one and is high waisted, just like Taylor’s!


asos 34.95


If you have an eye for finer detail, and prefer better stronger material, then this skirt is the one for you. At almost €40 it is a little on the pricier side, but if you look closely, there is a band at the top for extra support and cinched waist effect. The material is strong so you can be sure that it won’t go flying everywhere in the wind, which is always a good thing!

The alternative.

boohoo alter 18e


Boohoo offer a massive range of clothing, in almost every colour imaginable. I found this alternative piece if you weren’t quite feeling the original Taylor skirt. This one is great for showing off both pins while still staying modest!

#2 The crop top.

Taylor has stuck with the trend of the season and gone with a crisp, clean crop top. The white plays beautifully with the black skirt, and the cut outs are just the icing on the cake! Short sleeves are very flattering on slimmer women as it creates structure and shape to an area which wouldn’t really have much, perfect for keeping it minimal, yet pretty.

But I want one?

boohoo 18ee


Boohoo do amazing crop tops, but none quite like Taylor’s. (Sob) But no worries, because they do so many more amazing ones! This one is my favorite. So pretty and flattering with the v neck and cut at the bottom. Crisp and white, to match the black ensemble, but be careful, don’t go eating spaghetti in this one!

boohoo. 6e


For a cheaper alternative, boohoo do this great simple basic. It is a lot more simple than Taylor’s, but if that is your style then this is perfect for you!

The alternative.

missg 19


This top is a great alternative if you don’t like sleeves and prefer a higher neck. This cut is just as flattering as Taylor’s, so this would suit perfectly too!

#3 The clutch

Let’s get a closer look here.


The clutch, much like her entire outfit, is minimal and simple. Black with a hint of gold, not too big just fits right there in her hand. Gorgeous and perfect for almost any outfit really, so no better investment!

Where can I get one?

boohoo 24


This one isn’t exactly like Taylor’s, but its the colours that you want. The gold and black play nicely off each other and do this great box clutch which can be turned into a shoulder bag too. Double whammy!



Another great gold and black clutch for only 10 bucks!

#4 The accessories

The earrings


Gorgeous aztec inspired drop earrings. Again with the gold and black theme, shouldn’t be too hard to find?

Should it?

Forever 21.

f21 e


Forver 21 have a great range of black and gold earrings, but these seem to fit the bill. Drop, triangle, aztec inspired? Check!



If luxury jewellery pieces are a little more your taste, then ASOS do a great pair in the black and gold category. I love these, so unique!

The bracelet.


Basic gold arm candy is what Taylor went for on the day, so elegant and pretty!

Forever 21

f21 s


Any basic gold cuff will do here, the more basic and minimal the better! Forever 21 have a great range of gold accessories for nothing!

The alternative.



Try a more unique piece for a little bit more daring look! do unique pieces in all colours!

And last, but certainly not least,

the shoes.

taylor 3

Strappy, dainty and gold. Perfection!

Obviously it is going to be hard to find those exact heels, but I have found some pretty epic alternatives!

Forever 21

f21 21


Gorgeous black heels with a hint of gold. In love!



Add some bling to your feet with these gorgeous gold chained heels by missguided! Fit the bill just right!

So that is it for my take on Taylor’s lovely fashion sense. I hope you got some inspiration from this and who knows? Maybe you will be the next Taylor at the next event you go to? 

Please leave a comment if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback! I love to hear back!

PS click on any of the pictures to take you to the website!

Also, click below for some uber cool stuff!

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