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Elemis Skincare Products Review!


(That’s Hello in Zulu, in case you were thinking I’v gone mad)

So I have gone on a little Elemis craze. I work with Elemis in the spa I work in, so I am pretty involved with all the products and how they work. But last week I treated myself to a few products of my own and I am working on building up my collection so I am going to be using just Elemis!

I only picked up 2 skin care items, but they came with a free gift that day so I will be reviewing those goodies too!

Bare in mind these products are high end, but are on the cheaper end of the scale so don’t be turned off by the prices just yet!

So get scrolling and reading sista!

#1 Rosepetal Rehydrating Cleanser

I have very tempermental skin. One day it is dry as the Sahara and the next I am as oily as if I had been working in a chip van all night! Lately my skin has been on the drier side with flakey bits around my nose (I blame my old cheap moisturiser – I won’t name and shame right now) so I figured the rehydrating cleanser would be the best option.

I comes in a 250 ml bottle and a pump action top which dispenses just the right amount of product in one pump. The product itself is rich and might be too rich for people borderline oily/dry skin. It really does say exactly what it intends to do – rehydrate.

My skin has improved leaps and bounds since I started using it twice a day for only a week now! I still get a bit dry if I cleanse my face too soon before bed or if I don’t cleanse it right when I wake up, but the minute I do cleanse, the dryness is completely gone!

Another thing to note about Elemis is that they are 100% natural. No nasty alcohols or chemicals that will irritate your skin, and they are a company that research their products, they don’t just slap on a name to a product they didn’t make.

This did cost me €27.00 , which is a little bit more expensive than I usually paid, but I do think it is well worth it!


#2 Skin Buff Exfoliator

Let me start by saying, this exfoliator is a MUST for every woman/girl/lady with congested, clogged, dull skin. This is a very fine exfoliator that is not like the typical large grained ones. I suffer from very congested and dull skin and this brings life and colour to it from just one exfoliate!

I like to use this twice a week, on dry cleansed skin. It is a little drying so you have to make sure you moisturise after, and it is a bit of a pain to take off as the grains are so tiny they stick everywhere! A good splash of water takes it off just fine though, and you have to be sure to wash your hands well as the grains stay in between your fingers and you end up getting it in your eyes throughout the day! Not fun!

It comes in a 50ml bottle, which may not seem like a lot, but when you only use it twice a week it lasts a long time. All of Elemis products only need the tiniest amount to work so your 50 ml will take you a long way!

This set me back €36.00 which again is a little expensive, BUT if you want radiant clearer skin, you will spend!

SAM_0994 SAM_0995

#3 Pro Collagen Marine Cream

Ok so in my free goodie bag I got a few different sample sized products, but I find only 2 are worth reviewing right now. One being the Pro Collagen Marine Cream. This little gem is a life saver for my dry skin. It is advertised as an anti-ageing moisturiser, but I use it daily anyway as it is the only one that treats my dry areas and doesn’t clog me up!

I work with this everyday on women that get facials and they cannot say enough for it! It is extremely refreshing on the skin and light, even though it is designed for mild to severe dryness. It smells AMAZING! Actually, I meant to say, all Elemis products smell gorgeous!

You only need the tiniest piece to work with, it is recommended by Elemis themselves that you should feel an almost dry rub on your skin after it is all applied. It shouldn’t sit on the skin like an extra layer, you need to let your skin absorb it!

A full sized, 50ml bottle will set you back €100! This stuff is gold dust and does not sell cheap. I am yet to find a good dupe, and Elemis carry a just as good moisturiser for a lot less, but for more oily skins, which does not suit me. I would suggest getting a gift set that has a smaller version in it, or emailing Elemis themselves to see if they would send you a sample!

I give this product a 10/10 for dry skin, I cant exactly comment on the anti ageing part though (thank god!) but I have heard wonders about it from older women that come to me for facials!

SAM_0998 SAM_0999

#4 Pro Radiance Cleanser

This stuff is relatively new to Elemis. It is one of their latest inventions and I just KNOW I need to have the full size! The first time I used it, I used it about a hour before I went to the gym, just after work, and I didnt take much notice of anything that it did for me. BUT, then I was in the gym and I walked past a mirror and I had to stop to take a second look!

My skin was actually radiant and glowing! I have never seen my skin like it. I was thinking ‘What the?’ and put it down to the lighting in the gym, but then I went home and saw again that it was almost kind of translucent.

I don’t know how much it is retailing for in euro but have a 150ml for $49.00, which is very good considering how well the product works!

This is what the website states:

More than an anti-ageing cleanser, Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser actually withdraws impurities and at the same time infuses the skin with anti-ageing properties! 

Relaxes wrinkles and boosts skin radiance
Easily loosens and removes make-up
Thick creamy texture
Great for hormonal, dry or flaky skin
Rich in minerals and vitamins
Unique anti-oxidant power

And I believe it does exactly that!

It is a thick cream that you warm up on your fingers and rub into the skin. You leave it sit for a minute as it ‘absorbs’ the oils and grim, and then wash it off! That simple!

SAM_0996 SAM_0997

And that is it for my review this time! If you have any questions about ANY Elemis products please leave a comment! I have worked with almost every product so I know them inside out by now and I would love to help!

Thanks for reading! x

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How To – At Home Facial

Welcome back, homie.

Everyone likes to save money and DIY in the comfort of your own home, right?

Well, some do anyway.

One of the things I love doing is giving myself a salon-worthy facial at home once a week. I work in a spa myself, and I often do these facials called ‘Taster facials’ they are so basic, no fancy products, no serums and lotions, just cleanse, tone, exfoliate and mask. And the results are amazing!

All of my clients come out glowing and fresh after one of these facials, and I wondered how they look so good after just a simple cleanse and mask and I don’t look that good and I do it twice a week!

But then I had a light bulb moment.

The trick is in the time and energy, not always the products. Although good products do help a lot, as long as they work for you and your needs, they are perfect!

*Quick disclaimer: All ideas and tips are 100% my own. I do not and will never copy or take content from another site or person. Just sayin’*

What you will need.

#1 Cleanser




#Cotton wool pads

#Face cloths/mitts

#Hot water

#Your hands and face!

Your products don’t need to be fancy and all in the same skin type category, but if you have the luxury of picking and choosing your products, then keeping them in the same skin type family is better!


Grab all your stuff, put them on your night stand or wherever you are, fill a bowl of warm water and put your mitts in, put on a hair band, throw on some chill music, grab a book or a magazine and get ready to be pampered!

#1 First cleanse


With any good facial, the skin needs to be clean to start. So, get your cleanser and put some into your hand. Rub the cleanser between your hands to get it all over and massage into the skin. I highlighted the word massage because this part is important. Using your fingertips, massage the cleanser all over your face, remembering your neck and in under your ears. Do this until the cleanser is almost all absorbed into the skin.

Then, get 2 cotton pads and wet them in warm water. Squeeze off the excess and start to wipe off the cleanser starting from the forehead down into the neck. Use more than 2 if you had make up on or if your face is particularly dirty. Make sure to take your time on this one and really get rid of all of the cleanser.

#2 Second cleanse

Just repeat step 1 again to remove all the left over dirt and grime!

#3 Tone


Grab your toner and cotton pads and tone from forehead to neck. Let it dry in for about 10 seconds before moving onto the next step!



Ok this is where the magic happens.

No really, it does.

Grab your exfoliator and put some in your hands. Again, like the cleanser, mix it in your palms and apply to your face. This takes time so don’t go rushing into it. Focus and massage the exfoliator into your whole face, dont be too harsh so keep a gentle touch on the more sensitive areas like under the eyes. Go down your neck too, and keep massaging until the beads have been absorbed and broken down.

Ok, next grab two mitts or cloths, squeeze them out and press them to your cheeks, wiping the exfoliator off gently from the bottom to top. Make sure to get all of the product off before moving on!

#Tone, again.

You need to restore your skins PH balance after the exfoliate so tone as normal with two cotton pads!



Apply a thin layer of your mask to your face and neck. I say thin because anything more is just wasting product. Your skin only absorbs what is on the skin so don’t waste any product sitting on top of the first layer!

Allow this to sit for about 5 – 10 minutes or however long the directions tell you. Grab your magazine or book and get chilling!

After that is done, grab clean cloths again and wipe it from your face, making sure it is all gone.

#Tone, once more.

You know the drill.



Top it all off and seal in all that goodness with  a moisturiser, and viola! Gorgeous glowing clean skin!

Quick tip: do this the day before or morning of a big event to really make your make up last all night and apply perfectly!

So there it is! It really is that simple! Having glowing skin isn’t always about the lotions and potions, it is sometimes just in good application and patience! So I hope you have enjoyed and let me know in the comments if you have any questions at all!

PS. Also click below for some fun 😉

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Real Skin Care Tips & Tricks, From A Real Beauty Therapist


Skin care is a lot like a rubix cube.

There are so many solutions, yet you can’t seem to even find one?

I am well aware of the hundreds of sites and articles written about how you can cure acne, blemishes, oily skin, BLA BLA BLA! They all claim to do this, that and the other but you just can’t really trust them.

If you have a bad relationship with your skin like me, then I understand your pain. It is hard to get control of your skin.


you can take action and start to take proper care of your skin. Good skincare starts with proper precautions. I will warn you, I do not have any magic tips or solutions to make perfect skin over night. But I do know how to take care of it, the way it was meant to.

And sometimes, proper care is all it takes to change your skin, no fancy potions and lotions needed.

#1 Cleanse not once, but twice!


I don’t mean twice a day, but twice at a time. I do cleansing facials on clients every day, and the number one thing that grosses me out every time, is how much make up and dirt I take off, and they didn’t even have make up on in the first place!

Many people don’t realise how deep down into your skin make up goes. Make up can sit down in your skin for days after you thought you have taken it off!

So always, and I mean always, cleanse twice. Once to take off the make up and dirt, and twice to actually clean the skin. If you have a Clarisonic Mia or something similar, even better. Use that to do the second cleanse to really get down into the skin.

Oh! Always cleanse and tone your neck too!

#2 Allow your skin to breath


Something I always tell my clients after a good cleansing facial is to not wear make up for as long as possible. Make up sinks in and clogs pores which take forever to come up to the surface and be released. Even if you don’t wear make up for months, your skin will still be trying to remove all the extra gunk!

#3 Get a facial once a month


Facials of any kind do wonders for your skin. There are so many types it is hard to know which is best for you, but I would recommend just going for a basic cleanse first. Ask the therapist what he/she thinks would be best for you and try aim for one once a month. The difference it will make in your skin will be amazing!

#4 Invest in good products


There is a reason why some brands are so cheap and some are so expensive. The best ones are generally more expensive than the basic drug store ones, but that doesnt mean you can’t find drug store products that suit you either!

Brands like Elemis and Clarins are made and designed especially for different skin types. They work. No gimmicks, no extra costs, just buy the products and use them.

I use Elemis, which are a 100% natural brand. No chemicals or alcohol which drives my skin crazy! After using my Elemis range for less than 2 weeks I had people telling me how good my skin looked, and that is no word of a lie!

#5 Take care of your skin while it is good


Just because your skin has cleared up doesn’t mean you can slack off. Continue to use your regular products and regime at all times.

#6 You are never too young to prevent ageing


I started using Rentinol A creams when I was 19, not only because my skin was bad, but also because they prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

It is a lot harder to turn back the clock on your skin, so why let it age? Just prevent it, and you won’t have an issue.

Invest in rentinoids and eye creams while you are young and have fresh skin, you will thank yourself in the years to come!

#7 Learn your skin type!


I get so many women come to me and tell me before their facial that they have oily/dry/normal skin, and then when I start the facial I begin to realise that they have the exact opposite!

Your skin changes like the weather. Always keep tabs on it and learn how to deal with it. I always have 2 different types of cleansing products at home for dry skin and combination as those are what my skin tends to jump between depending on the time of year, weather and my diet.

So many things can change up your skin type, so take the time and research how to find your skin type and invest the money in a few different products.

#8 Try not to touch your face


When I was in college I found I was getting a lot of breakouts down my cheek bone and on my chin that I usually never got before, and then it clicked.

If you lean on your hand while in class or at work, try put your sleeve over your hand or just don’t lean on your hand at all. The oils and dirt on your hands get deep into your pores and just drive your skin mental!

#9 Find the right exfoliator for you


Every person needs to exfoliate. No matter what your skin type is, all skin sheds and needs to be removed so clean fresh new skin can come up. But not all exfoliators are suited to all skin types.

If you have sensitive skin go for a chemical non abrasive one. Elemis do a great one called Papya Enzyme Peel, it is amazing and really leaves the skin glowing!

For dry – normal skin go for a very fine abrasive one. The finer the grains the more it takes off but without drying out the skin further or causing a rash.

For oily skin you can pretty much go for any type. I find exfoliators with larger grains work great as it takes away shine as well as leaving a healthy glow!

#10 Green tea is your new BFF


Green tea has been the saviour of my skin. I started drinking 2 – 3 cups a day before christmas last year and it has been amazing for my skin.

Green tea detoxes and gets rid of all the toxins before they make it out through your skin. The tea bags can also be used to reduce under eye circles too! Double whammy!

I hope this helps if you are struggling with your skin! Please leave a comment or email me if you have any questions at all, I will be more than willing to help!

Psst, click below for lots of fun!

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Smashbox Full Exposure – Review!

Hi there.

Smashbox Full Exposure eye shadow palette meet the ladies, 

ladies meet the Smashbox Full Exposure eye shadow palette.

Because you are about to meet your next new BFF!

From make up fanatics, to make up I-only-wear-it-when-required girls, you will want to see this.

No really, you will.

The Smashbox palette comes with a mini mascara (which I will talk about later), the palette and a double ended brush (which I will also talk about later)

Oh, and a pretty decent mirror too, which is always good.

The palette.

The palette has a neutral turned nigh time feel about it. It consists of 7 shimmers and 7 mattes all from dark chocolate brown, to a light ebony right up to dark charcoal black.

The palette seems to me to be divided into warm tones and cool tones, which is great for mixing and matching or if you want to stick to the one colour group, and it is also great for beginners to stay to the one colour group if they are unsure how to match shades just yet.

Straight down the middle of the palette you have two neutrals, the Switzerland of the group if you will. These are just two basic nude colours for a base or blending, etc etc.

The left side are the warms. The Sahara desert and Africa if we are sticking to the country references.

This consists of 3 mattes and 3 shimmers. All beautiful. Well pigmented and blend like butter on warm toast.

Gosh I am sorry in advance about all the weird references, I’m feeling a little poetic today.

The right side are the cools. The Antarctica and north pole if you are following me.

Again as with the warms, all beautiful, well pigments and of course blend like never before.


20140403_103746           20140403_103753

20140403_103806    20140403_103802

The brush.

Well, this is where Smashbox got it all right. This brush is A-MAY-ZING!

Like no joke.

One end is for the mattes, and the other is for the shimmers. The bristles are very tough yet flexible and easy to work with and super good quality. I already cleaned it twice (and in need of a third I’d say) and they are still perfect. The brush is a good length, not too small and a nice weight.

These may seem like silly things to be pointing out, but to some people, a good brush is all the difference!

20140403_103853 20140403_103930 20140403_103939

The mascara.

This mascara is the only, tiny, minor let down. In fact, it’s not even a let down really because its not bad at all, it is just, you know,


Just like OK, or fine. I wasn’t expecting a mascara (I don’t know how I missed it on the website?) so it was a nice bonus to say the least.

It isn’t bad but it didn’t blow me away either. You know, those kind of mascaras that are handy for throwing on when you don’t have time to do 4 coats and curl. It’s a good size for your purse too, I keep it in my car for those ‘I wasn’t expecting to see you!’ moments.

20140403_103041 20140403_103047 20140403_103145

And last but not least, the swatches.

The moment you have all been waiting for. Now before you go all, ‘Where are the lighter colours?’ they’re there. I just have pale skin right now OK? Don’t remind me about it. 😦



I got my palette from Sephora online for $49.


Lots of variety

Cool and warm tones

Blend well

Good pigmentation

Comes with brush and mirror

I have no cons only that it is a bit big for your purse or bag, but we will get over that much!

Other than that, overall it is a great palette, awesome place to start if you are getting into make up and if you are looking to expand your collection.

10/10 from me!

Thank for reading and I hope I have helped in some way or other! Please leave a comment belox if you have any questions or if you want to become Facebook, Twitter or Insta friends, click below! 🙂

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Shopping Haul!

Good morning/afternoon/evening

(read accordingly)

Who doesn’t love a good shopping haul?

Weirdo’s, that’s who.

So I went on a little shopping spree yesterday to my nearby city to start picking up stuff for my summer holidays in June! I am so excited!

Anyway, enough excitement for now, I went to soooo many stores but only bought in two. (Depressing or what?)

I guess the shops are still in pre-summer mode, so stock is limited, but I am very happy with what I got so far!

Let’s just get into it already.


First up is this bikini.


haul qI am in LOVE with this bikini. I saw it a while back online and I am always just too lazy to go up and get my credit card to buy it so I put it off and I found it in store!

It is a gorgeous heather grey colour, the top is push up halter and so flattering for smaller busted ladies like myself! The tops run in bra sizes which is GREAT as I always find sizes that run small – large never fit me!

The bottoms are just general hipsters depending on the size you get. The material is very stretchy so I got a size 6 as I like my bottoms to be quite smaller on the bum side.

I like a tanned bum ok, don’t judge.

TOP: €14.95

BOTTOMS: €9.95

Second are these knuckle rings.

SAM_0961 SAM_0962


I have been looking for the perfect bunch of knuckle rings forever! I wanted plain ones with tiny ones for the upper knuckle and medium ones for the middle of the finger, and guess what?

I found them!

I squealed a little bit when I saw them, no really, I did. That is how perfect these are, and they fit my fingers perfectly. Which is a big problem for me. (Chubby fingers alert) They come with about 10 or 12 rings.

RINGS: €4.95


If you are from anywhere outside of the UK or Ireland then you won’t be familiar with Primark. It is very very similar to Forever 21, cheap prices and a range of everything from underwear to hair supplies.

Let’s just say every single woman in the UK and Ireland have Primark in their closet.

This is quite a long haul so bare with me here!

First, these bikinis.

So I bought a few different swim pieces here. When they are all so cheap it is so hard not too!

I got this bright fun triangle bikini as it caught my eye the minute I went into the swim section. It is a gorgeous neon blue mixed with pinks and greens.

SAM_0951 SAM_0952

The top is a triangle style but the cups are quite padded which I like. The strings are taught and strong, not weak and flimsy.         (Who wants the threat of flimsy strings being undone?)

The bottoms are skimpy so beware if you don’t try these on. I don’t mind tiny bottoms but some people don’t like the fear of those strings on either side becoming undone so be sure to try them on first if you are one of those!

I also picked up a pair of pink bottoms to mix and match with the top because I don’t always like wearing matching tops and bottoms.

I’m weird that way.


TOP: €4.00 (Yup, you read that right)

BOTTOMS: €3.00 each

So I also bought these bottoms to go with a top that I already have at home, and they are so versatile they can go with any top I buy in the future.

SAM_0956 - Copy

They are a general hipster style, they are not so stretchy so do try them on first otherwise you run the risk of suffocating your buttocks if they are too small, or flashing the nation if they are too big!

I think I would rather suffocate my bum though.

BOTTOMS: €4.00

So last but not least, I go this bikini set.


It is a neon blue bandeau style top that come with optional strings for a halter style, but I will warn you the strings are bad quality and they don’t stay on very long or if you tie them quite tight, so don’t get it you are planning on wearing it halter style!

SAM_0958 SAM_0959

The bottoms came with it and again are a basic hipster style. As the bikini came in a set, I had to buy the same size top and bottom, which really doesn’t suit me as I am smaller on top then on the bottom, so they are kind of tight but nothing I cant stretch out!

SET: €5.00

The sunnies.

I have a weakness for sunglasses, and when they are so cheap, I literally cannot contain myself!

I got 4 pairs, 2 styles in 2 colours.

Because who only wants one colour?


The first are these aviator style sunnies. I adore the lens colour in these! It is  gorgeous orange,coral, pink and they are so flattering on! I hate sunnies that are too small or way to big and these fit the bill for me.


Next are the same style and size except in the mirrored colour. I have been looking for the right size glasses in the mirrored style for so long and here they were, right in front of me!

Just a tip, they are not that strong in terms of actually blocking out the sun (Their actual function) so if you prefer to be blind when wearing sunglasses I wouldn’t recommend these bad boys, but if you choose style over protection like me, then go ahead!

SUNGLASSES: €1.50 each

Next up are these ray-ban club master style. I adore this style and I couldnt help myself when I saw them in two colours!

IMG_20140328_060857 IMG_20140328_060730

They are perfect size and shape and they have good sun blocking power. (is that even a thing?) 

20140328_170810 mmm

I have no critique on these except you will look cool as f*#k!

SUNGLASSES: €3.00 each

The shoes, because everybody loves shoes.

So I picked up 2 pairs of casual shoes for walking around or shopping in as nobody likes to be in flat sandals after 3 hours of shopping and sight seeing!

First I got these BRIGHT coral Vans inspired shoes. I have these in red from last season but the coral is just so pretty! The colour will really pop against a summer tan and look fabulous with a pair of denim shorts and a tee!


They are very comfy and are good quality so don’t be afraid to get them for everyday use. They run true to size too!


I also got these white sailor shoes, or whatever they are called I never really know. I got these to slip on and off while walking from the beach to the hotel as I don’t want to get bits of glass or something in my foot while on the footpath.

Unless you like that sort of stuff or something.

They do run a little small so I got a size up from my usual. They are super comfy and great with a pair of skinny jeans and a sweater for night time too!



The shorts.

Primark didn’t have too much summer clothes but I did spot these beautiful high waisted shorts.


They are in a bright pink with velvet detailing all over them. They are very good quality and fit well but run a little big so go for the smaller option, even though they do look small they are stretchy.


I usually don’t go for bright colours so I am excited to style these around my neutrals and have them as the feature part of my outfit! Perfect for a night on the town with some sandals and a shirt or cami.

SHORTS: Wait for it…… €11.00 !

So that is it for my pre – summer haul this time! I have many more things to get so stay tuned for a part 2 or maybe even 3, or 4 who knows!

Hope you enjoyed! Do ask any questions if you need and come join me on facebook and twitter!


facebook: rosyposyblog



5 Things You MUST Do Before Going On A Sun Holiday!

Welcome back homie.

If you are lucky enough to be going on a holiday this summer, like me (eek!) then this post will probably be of importance to you.

Wether it is a weekend away or a 2 weeks cruise, we all need to be prepared.

Even you, yes you, the one looking dead at the screen.

Because the ultimate goal at the end of a sun holiday is to have a tan right? Well, it may not be the only reason why you are going, but it is a big factor, and if you don’t come home bronzer than those pennies piling up in your wallet, then you feel like you failed.

Well, at least I do anyway.

So for us beauty freaks, I have compiled my top 5 must-do things before I leave for a holiday, you can thank me later when you are home like an exotic jungle queen.

Number 5.

Remove all hairs!

large (4)

All of them. Not one single hair is to be left ya hear?!

Because hairless body parts equal even and glowing tan. I don’t think any sane person would go over with gorilla legs anyway, but I mean, for the free souls out there, just put up with the pain in sacrifice of a gorgeous tan.

Beauty is pain after all.

I recommend waxing/epilating at least 2 – 5 days before leaving. You don’t want those open pores and freshly waxed skin exposed to the sun, your talking serious burn!

For the shavers out there, try shave as close to the leaving date as possible, and keep on it during the stay, don’t let the hairs get too thick before shaving, the key is maintenance my love.

Number 4.

Exfoliate before, during and after.


Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

Exfoliate twice a week for a few weeks before you go. Exfoliate your legs, your arms, your back, your booty, if it can be reached, exfoliate it!

 (the word exfoliate is starting to cound weird now, I think I said it too much, oops) 

Freshly exfoliated skin is new and ready to soak up the sun. You don’t want to be tanning on top of dead, grimey skin. That’s no fun at all.

Keep exfoliating during the holiday to maintain glowing soft skin, and after you get back to keep the tan looking great as long as possible!

Number 3.

Moisturise ALL the time!

large (5)

Just carry moisturiser with you in your purse and top up your arms and chest if you can. I wouldn’t recommend cocking up the leg and moisturising on the subway, but I mean if that’s what your into, then go ahead.

Dry and damaged skin will not take to the sun whatsoever, so it is important to keep topping up whenever you can as your skin will take up the moisturiser in no time, especially if you hav’nt seen the sun in a long time.

Number 2.

Get your mani/pedi swag on!

large (6)

I always advise my friends to get their nails done before going away. It is the first thing you forget, and the first thing you remember when you step off the plane.

“Oh crap! My nails!”


Nobody really wants to be going finding a salon when on holidays, and nobody normal brings nail polish with them so you don’t want to be forking out on unnecessary things either.

Having a fresh mani/pedi while out in the sun can make all the difference. You will be wearing sandals everywhere and nobody likes boring ugly toes dampening your style!

Tip: go for a gel nail too. Strong and chip resistant, crucial if you are going for longer than a weekend!

Number 1.



The number one mood killer when being on the beach is feeling sluggish and bloated. Nobody likes that, at all.

So detox that bod like there is no tomorrow!

Drink green tea, lemon and water or even just plain water, just get it all out of you before you go. Detoxing removes all waste toxins and crap that make you bloated and feel sluggish.

If you are a member of a leisure centre, try using the sauna a few times before you go too, that works just as well!

So I hope this has helped if you are heading away soon, or if you just wanted some general all round advice!

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My Top 10 Spring/Summer Mani Pedi Combo’s!

Well hello there.

I just LOVE nail polish. I have a slight addiction.

But that’s OK right? At least I admitted it.

I love playing around with colour combo’s for my mani pedis, and I never repeat the same combo twice! Why bother when there are so many pretty colours to choose from?

So without further due, here are my favorite combo’s for Spring/Summer.

Beware: Drooling from the mouth may occur after seeing such beautiful colours!

10. The party goer

mani 2

Everyone loves a good glitter polish and what better way to start off the summer night party then by arriving with brighter toes than the disco ball over your head!

9. The date night

mani 3

Pink to make the boys wink, and purple because it looks good, OK?

8. The beach day

mani 1

Nothing beats a mint and white to show off that glistening tan you just got!

7. The ‘Im feeling pretty’ day

mani 4

This is my favorite combo of the season! Gorgeous, girly and dainty, what more do you want?

6. The shopping date

mani 5

The lighter the colour, the heavier the wallet. Well, I like to think so anyway.

5. The tan

mani 6

Maybe your not getting that tan as you quite hoped for? Never fear pale lady, these bright colours will help bring out any tan!

4. The adventure

mani 7

The only sight seeing you’l be doing is down at your nails because you cant take your eyes off those adorable colours!

3. The pool day

mani 8

The only thing brighter than your mani pedi will be the sun, and even at that you will be giving it a good run for it’s money!


2. The drama queen

mani 9

Who wears gold on their toes anyway?

A drama queen, that’s who.

1. The ‘I just wanna have fun’ day

mani 10

Don’t take glitter too seriously, especially when you just want to have fun!

Well that is all I have for now! I hope you got some inspiration from this and please come join me on facebook, twitter and instagram, we can have so much fun!

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