What To Wear To A Wedding!

Hello friend.

I love weddings. I love the ceremony, the after party, the food, the catching up with old family members, the food.

Did I mention the food?

All jokes asides, the one thing that I love the most about a wedding, is the dress. I just love dressing up, the preparation before and planning an outfit!

So if you are lucky enough to be attending a wedding in the near future, keep on reading for some seriously cute outfit inspiration!

The black tie wedding.

Black tie attire means exactly what it says on the tin. It’s black suits for the gentlemen and black dresses for the ladies. Short or long it really doesn’t matter, just as long as its black!

Look #1


Stay ever so classy in a short sleeved LBD. I added two types of heels and clutches, the patent stilettos and envelope clutch for the more classic lady, and the strappy heels and the statement clutch for the more edgy lady. I am a minimalist when it comes to fashion, I love the less is more look, and I always believe this when it comes to events. Less is always more, which is why I only added one simple chunky boyfriend watch for a little spice!


wed 2

The good thing about floor length dresses is that you tall ladies can get away with flats all night, (and you don’t have to shave your legs) or you can wear heels too, whatever tickles your fancy! Keep it elegant with simple pieces and neutral make up.

Tip: Keep it ultra glam and elegant by keeping eye make up and lips neutral and put emphasis on sculpting the face, cheekbones and collarbones. Works a charm every time!

The black tie optional wedding.

Black tie optional is again, just as it says. It’s optional. You can wear black if you like, or you can go a little more casual and less elegant if you want.


wed 3

If black isnt exactly your thing, but bright colours really arn’t either, then dark navy is a good option. Plus, it looks great with fair to medium complexions, which means no fake tanning! Yay! Keep accessories light and fun to match the mood of the affair!

The white tie wedding.

The most formal of them all. I really don’t think anyone but the royal family do white tie weddings, but hey, who knows, maybe one day you will be invited to a royal wedding? 😉


wed 4

Floor length dresses are mandatory at a white tie wedding, so keep it classy and chic with a plain, well fitted dress that accents your shape. Keep it simple but make your hair and make up amazing, always look well put together!

The casual beach/resort wedding.

With casual weddings, pretty much anything goes. Maxi dresses, sun dresses, you name it you can wear it!


wed 5

Keep it light and fun at a beach wedding. They are casual and easy going events so that is how your mood should be! Even wear a floppy hat with some soft waves for the ultimate beach babe look!

Well ladies that is all for today’s inspiration. I hope I helped if you are attending a wedding anytime soon, or even just going to an event! Inspiration is all good at the end of the day!

Please leave a comment down below if you have any feedback or questions! Oh, and click below too! 😉

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