5 Ways To Wear – White Chucks This Summer!

Hi there friend.

So as the sun is currently beaming in on top of me as I type this, I am feeling very summery, and what better way to kick off the summer than with some fashion inspiration?

Now that’s my idea of fun.

The title says it all really, no need for an explanation here. So without further a due, here are my top 5 ways to wear your white chucks this summer!

#1 Fun in the sun


I just love denim cut off shorts in the summer. They go with – literally – everything. But in the spirit of the ‘crop top’ phase, I have paired some cute denims with a gorgeous pretty crop top. This dainty look is all in  and they are not hard to find, I threw in a leather satchel to make the look more fun and topped it all off with some retro cat eye sunnies.


#2 Starbucks with the gals


Chucks are perfect for a lazy, casual outfit and distressed jeans are all in this season like it’s nobodies business! Wear a plaid shirt open for a comfy look. I put in a gold watch to add variety, a large shoulder bag for an added boho feel and some big ass sunnies, because who doesn’t love big black sunnies?

#3 Summer BBQ


Simple, classic and comfortable. You would be surprised how cute chucks look with a summer dress. Add a large sun hat and work some flowy wavy hair for a natural ‘I woke up like this’ look.

#4 Beach babe for life


If your hitting the beach this summer, be sure to pack plenty of colour! Chucks are great for neutralizing a crazy coloured outfit, which is why I paired this neon coral skater skirt with a pretty striped crop top. Throw your fav bikini on underneath and grab your beach bag and your ready to go!

#5 Road trip anyone?


Simple outfits are a big trend this year. Basic colours paired with brighter, more extravagant pieces are eye catching and on trend! Pair high waisted jeans with a simple crop top and your chucks with bright sunnies and a pastel satchel.


So that is all I have this time! Please be sure to leave a comment below or email if you have any queries! 

PS. Click below for some more fun 😉

PSS. Click the link for some more styling fun 🙂

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