How I Style Neon Heels – 5 Looks For All Women

Hey there munchkin.

Neon heels? What do they remind you of?




Well guess what?

Loud, 80’s disco is all back in sister, but with a modern twist, as usual.

The neon heel has made a quiet entrance, with little excitement because the neon heel kind of never fully went away. For years, women were afraid of the neon heel. It was seen as an ‘attention seeking item’ or ‘hard to pull off’, but the neon heel has never been more featured in our outfits than the last year or so!

Ok, this is starting to sound like some sort of legend of the neon heel. I apologise.

On a more professional note, the neon heel shouldn’t be shied away from, but embraced. If you don’t know quite how to pull it off or what to pair with it, than read on my loves, I have a treat for you!

*Quick disclaimer: all ideas and outfits were put together by myself. Also, if you think these outfits are a little bland, that is my take on Neon heels, I think less is more!’

#1 ‘The laid back, but still in the mood’ look


When first experimenting with neon colours, it’s best to try keep the outfit quite neutral and plain. Unless you have the personality and the confidence to pull it off, don’t go mixing and matching crazy patterns and colours, you will only end up washing yourself out, which is a big no-no!

#2 ‘I’m going out’ look


This is the perfect way to show off a great tan and still look classy. Neon colours really bring out colour in the legs, while the black leather shorts neutralise the outfit, before it gets a bit colour crazy! White is an obvious choice of colour to pair with a going out outfit, easy on the eye and sophisticated. Less is always more!

#3 ‘I mean business’ look


Neon heels look great with a LBD. For a fun night out, add a gorgeous colourful clutch and your killer smile for the perfect look.

#4 This one is for my brave ladies


If you arn’t afraid of mixing colours that nobody else would think of, then this one is for you! I love matching colours that people would usually stray away from, but this royal blue/neon yellow/coral combination is fab! It may look a little scary here in a picture, but when worn on, with a good tan, it is beautiful! Trust me on this one if you are sceptical, just try on crazy colours in the store to see. You would be surprised what kind of masterpiece you would make!

#5 ‘The confident’ look


This one is my favorite out of the looks! I love this style trousers with a skinny heel, something about it just looks so flirty yet classy! Crop tops are a big thing this year, so I paired one with a gold choker and a black clutch to bring the whole look together! Perfect for a night out with the girls.

So that is all I have today for my take on neon heels! Please leave a comment if you have any other suggestions, I love to get inspiration from others! 

Also, click below for some serious fun!

nnn nnnn nn




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