One Statement Necklace, 5 Ways To Wear!


Statement necklaces are exactly what they say on the tin, they make a statement.


But  making a statement in the right way is crucial. It can be hard to find a good balance between the right necklace and outfit. Too bright and you attract attention and too muted it just looks like part of the top.

But never fear! 

I have conducted 5 outfits that can pull off any statement necklace beautifully, so hopefully you can get some inspiration from this and use it when styling your own statement pieces!

*Just to clarify, all of these ideas are from me and me only, no copying was done, that’s bold*

Look #1

Lunch date with the girls


I love this look! Well, I love all of them, but this one is my favourite as it is so casual, yet chic. The white blazer and grey tee will really pop and compliment the bright colours of the necklace, while the black jeans and accessories will mute and bring together the whole outfit. Can also be worn with some killer heels to dress it up!

Look #2

Shopping day.


Statement necklaces can be worn both casual and dressy, and to be honest, I kind of prefer them on a casual outfit! Distressed jeans are all in this season and paired with a crop sweater is fun and casual, and why not add a pop of colour in the shoes just for fun?

Look #3

Dinner date with the family


I love love love statement necklaces with high neck tops! They are super flattering and very classy. I paired a fun skater skirt with a grey high neck bodysuit to bring out the colours of the necklace. With a bright coloured one you should keep the outfit quite muted so it really sticks out like a sore thumb! I also added a small shoulder bag and cute heel booties just to make it youthful and fun, perfect for a dinner with the fam!

Look #4

Day in the office


If you work in a dull, fashion-less office, then why not spice things up with some bright jewels! The brighter the better when it comes to an all dark outfit, and the high neckline will look fab under the statement piece!

Look #5

Casual Fridays


Whether it be sight-seeing, shopping or just running errands, tuck that shirt in, hike up those jeans and rock a gorgeous hat for an effortless but really-you-put-in-a lot-of-effort look! I love the striped d’Orsay flats for a nautical and chilled look, but again, could be easily substituted for some heels, or even some booties!

The necklace.


The beautiful star of the show is from and retails for $45. Plenty of good, colourful statement necklaces can be bought pretty much in any store now, but if this one tickles your fancy, then just click on the picture!

I hope you enjoyed! Please leave a comment I love to hear feedback and positive criticism!

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