Update Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe!


Is your wardrobe a little tired?

Has it seen little colour and life?

Have YOU seen little colour and life?

If you answered yes to any of these, you need to work on updating your wardrobe.

If you answered no to all of them, you need an excuse to go shopping, so read on sister.

One place I like to start when updating my wardrobe is my bag collection. Bags are a big part of an outfit and nobody likes seasoned handbags with a brand new in season outfit!

Floral prints are making their way onto handbags all over the nation and they are brighter and prettier than ever!

Here are a few of the latest and greatest new arrivals, so get your thinking caps on and get inspired!

Some are high end, some are budget priced, these were picked purely for inspiration purposes, do take lightly!


1. Steve Madden canvas backpack – $54

2. Burton tri fold wallet – $30

3.Nicole Lee Florence floral patnet satchel – $58

4. Dolce & Gabana medium fabric bag – $525

5. Dolce & Gabbana Mixed/Floral-Print Brocade Crossbody Bag – $895

Hope you got some inspiration from this and do ask any questions if you need to!

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