Ditch The Brand! Who Need’s Michael Kors Anyway?

Hey good lookin’

We all love to splash out a little on the big brands. Some of us a bit more than others. Some of us don’t really care, some of us just like the trend, and well, some of us just are not willing to spend that much on a watch.

The Michael Kors watch.


Made popular by big youtube stars, bloggers and celebrities alike. The gorgeous rose-gold watch has been seen on fashion blogs, pictures and OOTD’S, making us drool with obsession.

This beauty can cost you anywhere from $250 – $500.

I won’t lie, it is a beautiful style of watch, but is it the only one out there?

Heck no.

So if you don’t mind being brand-less, then read on lovie dove, because I have found PLENTY of good dupes for the popular and ever trendy watch.

Forever 21

F21 does beautiful pieces, they may not be top notch quality, but they sure as hell fit the bill when it comes to this style.

mk 1 2 mk

PRICE: $22.80


If yellow – gold is your thing, LuLu’s does a very cute boyfriend style watch for a lot less than $250!

mk 4 mk 3

PRICE: $24.00

Asos do the perfect rose gold boyfriend watch, much easier on the pocket!

mk 9 mk 6

PRICE: €25.00

So I hope I helped if you were in need of a gorgeous new watch, but didn’t want to break the bank! 

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