Tumblr – Watch out, I’m Coming!

Hi there cupcake face.

Tumblr never really appealed to me. It was just kind of confusing so I always strayed away, but my lovely (patient) friend explained it to me and now I’m hooked!

It is such a great way to portray your personality and style without using words. You can look at someone’s Tumblr and know in 2 seconds what they like and you get a great sense of who they are.

Some would say that’s creepy, but I like it.

I love getting to know people. Everyone has a story, a place they have been, someone they know. I love being inspired by other people’s style and interpretation of things, so Tumblr is just that!

Come join me over there and hey, maybe we can become Tumblr besties?

My tumblr is RosyPosyBlog so come find me and we can follow each other!


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