How To Style – Timberland Boots! (And Maybe A Rant Too – Just Maybe)

Hello munchkin.

So I was having a conversation with my bestie yesterday about Timberlands. She was indifferent about them but I love them, so as any bestie would do, I tried to convince her that they are totally worth the hype!

And then I got thinking.

How about I create a style piece around Timberlands?

It is the number one question I get when I tell people how much I love them, it’s all ‘Oh I love them, but I don’t know that I could pull them off.’


That exact phrase, ‘I don’t know if I could pull them off’ really ruffles my feathers! I hate it when girls say that. OF COURSE you can pull them off! Hey, if that girl over there is working those Timbers then you bet your pretty face you can too.

The one thing that girl who is rocking them has that you don’t, is confidence.

End of.

Confidence is what makes you ‘pull off’ or not ‘pull off’ and outfit. Confidence is the pulling of every outfit you walk out the door in. You work it gurl!

(Just a tip, you can get Timbers in Urban Outfitters for $160)

So without further due, I shall show you lovely ladies how I would ‘pull these bad boys off’.

Número uno.

The casual look.

Timberlands look great with a pair of skinnys and an oversized sweater. I kid you not, they make your legs look skinnier too. Score!

The lighter the jeans the better as they work nicer with the tan colour of the boots, and hey, why not throw in a ol’ distressed pair too?

Just work it honey.

large (5) largejjjn

Número dos.

The Khloe look.

I love Khloe Kardashian. Shes the baddest biotch around, and she knows how to work a pair of Timbers!

I like to think she kind of brought them back into style, and what better way than to pull them off just the way she intended to!

Try them with an oversized tee and a shirt. Either tied around the waist or just open or even tucked in and buttoned up! Work it whatever way you want girl, it is your outfit after all!


5edcf68a9c0c499b17b50765d5dafc80large (8) okok

If this dog can pull off a checked shirt, you can too.

large (7)

And the finale.

The ‘I just did a hike’ look.

Timberlands were made for the heavy duty person, ie. my father who is a builder has been wearing them ever since I can remember, so it is good to respect the Timberland ways, and make it look like you were out doing outdoor stuff and all that jazz.

Plus, it looks neat during the winter and fall, just sayin.

Get your biggest and baddest jacket with the fur rim, throw on those jeggings or skinnies and put some bootie socks on and away we go. Also looks great with a beanie!

ced7d5c545c1525f76c92a5050a9fe56 3718534f94ef981c54300e3e9c36b233

So there ya go! Hopefully you can go out and rock those Timbers the way you were meant to! Just remember,

it’s all in the confidence dolls, smile, head up and work that updo!

Thanks for reading! x


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