Yay For Inspiration! Fashion Inspo For A Trendy Lady


I love love love being inspired by other fashionistas. I believe inspiration keeps the world going around and therefore everyone should stare at other people on the street all the time.

I’m kidding.

But I really do love looking at other girls for inspiration. I do not condone coping, that’s bold. But being inspired and thinking,        ‘I never thought that would look nice that way! ‘ or ‘Wow, those colours look fab!’ is ok!

Pinterest is by far my favourite place to get inspiration. I get so much pictures from there, which ends up in my head so entirely stuffed with idea’s, that I go take a nap.

Really, that is how into it I get.

So with all that being said, here are some of my latest inspiration pictures so hopefully you will be inspired too!

(all are from Pinterest, all credit to the original fashionista) 

First up, this dress.


This dress is fab! I love t-shirt dresses, so casual, so comfy and so cute! What inspired me is the colours. The dark with red pop is gorgeous with her hair colour, which is exactly like mine! Score!

These sunnies.


I am in love with round sunnies lately. I think they are so flattering and really bring out the shape of the face!

Maybe it’s just me, but I love em!

This top and hat.

6f5d2ea5a18a56a73f157317aa76536a (1)

This lady is genius. I would never have thought a backless top and a fedora would look so pretty! Thanks to her I will now try out those two together!

And finally, these casual outfits.

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I am a lover of jeans and cons kind of outfit. A comfy sweater and good pair of denims and I’m good for the day! I love the navy with the red, the two really compliment each other, while that grey and black jacket are so simple yet chic!

Well that is all I have for the moment, I am sure there will be plenty more to come! Be sure to keep an open mind when being inspired and make it your own!

Thanks for reading! x


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