5 Simple Ways To Stay Healthy & Happy


Ever just have those days when you think,

‘ I cannot feel like this for the rest of my life’ or ‘I never have any energy!’

I felt like that a lot, pretty much for the last 21 years out of my 22 years on this earth. It’s tough to maintain a healthy and positive attitude, I am the first person to admit that I struggle with this, but over the last year I have really hit rock bottom. I found my diet was awful, I had no energy, I was breaking out all the time and I never felt really good about myself.

Through that time I learned, through trial and error, of what things work for me and what doesn’t. The following are 5 things that I changed or did in my life to make me the happier and more positive person I am now.

Number 1.

Drink green tea. Enough said. Just drink it, even if you dislike it, you can buy green tea with a range of different flavours. I get green tea with lemon and I drink 3 – 5 cups a day. Honestly this alone has changed my energy levels so much! After a cup of tea I can instantly feel the boost. Also there are numerous health benefits to drinking green tea other than an energy boost, so it’s a win win situation all around!


Number 2.

If you don’t work out already, it would be a good idea to start. Exercising releases happy endorphins, making you more alert, energised and motivated. Even if you don’t live near a gym, just pop on a youtube workout video and go crazy!

large (4)

Number 3.

Sleep with the curtains open! This seems silly but nothing gets me up in the morning like the sun shining in. The minute I see the sun I cannot lie in bed any longer. Again, like the exercising, sunshine releases happy hormones that reduces depression and relaxes the mind. I live in a country where we get little sun, so whatever sun I do see I take full advantage!

large (1)

Number 4.

Take ALL bad fats and carbohydrates out of your diet. Fats and bad carbs make us sluggish and slow, which is not good! Keep all fried foods, junk food and sugary drinks out aswell as white bread, pastas and white rice. These foods have a massive effect on your mood and body, and it is only when you take them out, is when you really notice the change!

large (2)

Number 5.

Keep a journal. This one is the most recent change I have made in my life and it is by far the best! I keep a journal by my bed and I write in it whenever I have a lot on my mind before I go to sleep. Just write whatever you want and feel, when it is all out on paper it is out of your head!

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